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          Moving Home Safely
          & Covid Secure Countrywide Group Risk Assessment Latest advice & FAQs

          The top floor of a modern apartment block in the sunshine

          Estate management

          We provide a range of specialist property services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

          With an expanding portfolio across the UK we have a wealth of experience working with major developers as well as a diverse portfolio. We've earned our reputation for perfectly placed agents with expert credentials and local expertise. We offer a comprehensive management service covering all aspects of property management.

          All of our clients are assigned a dedicated Property Manager, supported by:

          • A UK-based credit control team
          • Legal and professional services team
          • In-house branch accountants

          Budgeting for any development is key to successful management. Countrywide Estate Management also specialise in offering developers and freeholders advice on new schemes, as well as liaising with resident management companies, to ensure properties are managed efficiently and practically.

          We also believe that communication between client and agent is essential. This is why we have launched an online platform ARLO (Assess Residential Living Online).

          Contact us

          Contact us to explore our services fully:

          For information on the Property Ombudsman Service, visit their website at www.tpos.co.uk