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          Moving Home Safely
          & Covid Secure Countrywide Group Risk Assessment Latest advice & FAQs

          A workman plastering a wall in a stairway

          Residential development

          We work with the UK's most successful house builders and developers.

          Countrywide Residential Development is the largest land and new homes agency in the UK. We have national coverage with 900 office locations across more than 60 high street brands, and access to tens of thousands of home buyers per week.

          Led by a passionate and experienced team of over 100 new homes professionals located throughout the UK, we are proud to count brands such as Hamptons International and specialist consultancy Ikon as part of our group.

          We are dedicated to delivering first class property solutions with excellent service to our corporate clients and home owners across the UK. In recognition of our commitment, we have won 230 awards since 2008, achieving high accolades from both our industry peers and our home-moving clients.