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          Latest advice & FAQs


          Choosing a survey

          Everything you need to know about choosing a survey.

          Investing money into a property is not something to do without being armed with the facts. A basic valuation for a lender might seem the most economical way to get a mortgage but this will only provide a valuation, not peace of mind.

          Surveys can be immensely reassuring and invaluable. They can help you avoid costly surprises, as well as giving you peace of mind. Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced property purchaser, Countrywide Surveying Services can help you choose the right survey for your needs.

          For more advice or to book a survey with us, speak to one our team on 0161 401 2917 or email surveying.insight@countrywide.co.uk

          Frequently asked questions

          • Whilst outlaying money on a survey may be unwanted, the benefits outweigh the potential loss of hidden defects that a basic inspection cannot address. With a more extensive inspection, you can be aware of potential costly defects and get them addressed before exchange of contracts; a small financial outlay now could stop a large one in the future.

            The more informed you are prior to purchasing a property, the better prepared you are. Money can be saved with the ability to renegotiate, budget and plan for works that might need to be done.

            Even though choosing to purchase a survey is entirely optional, we highly recommend it.

          • Unlike a valuation, surveys are designed to provide purchasers with information on the condition of a property, this is to assist with the decision of whether to purchase the property or not. It will also inform them of issues within the property that need attention.

            The level of both the inspection and reporting for a survey are more detailed than for a valuation. However, the level of inspection and reporting will vary dependant on the scope of the survey product chosen. Details on the scope of the survey will be included in the Terms of Engagement.

            Find out more about surveys.

            Find out more about valuations.

          • The following table gives a quick comparison of the different reports and services offered.

            View comparison table

          Want to talk to someone?

          Get help by phone or email to discuss your requirements or to arrange your survey.